Personal Biases In Movie Review

If any of you remember the grindhouse films that came out in 2007-2008 Quentin Tarantino Robert Rodriguez came together to make these really cheesy low eebee movies and they’re like horror sci-fi films and they played back-to-back on what’s called a grind house which was a convention of the 70s where you would just go and watch just these really crappy movies back-to-back for a lower ticket price and with film trailers in between that was an awesome movie going experience and I have never experienced anything like it I think the closest thing that’s ever made me feel that excited was maybe seeing the Dark Knight in IMAX because I seeing an IMAX movie is pretty great. Find out how to control your personal views in movie review at Edusson.

But those experiences of seeing the movie whether it’s with an audience or by myself those help color my opinion of the films that I watched the movie that I watched when my girlfriend broke up with me will always be a sad movie to me even if the film itself is not meant to be sad or if other people don’t perceive it as sad all of this informs our criticism to come to a conclusion here we need to be receptive viewers we can’t ignore our emotional responses to a film but we also can’t be overly biased either if you do not like violence and you do not like cursing then that’s fine obviously however if you are watching a film that contains both of those things you can’t automatically say it’s a bad movie just because you don’t like those things if you don’t like science fiction or you don’t like romance you might be turned off from watching any of those movies however you have to be able to recognize the merits of those films even though it’s not your particular cup of tea the film for this week is de NOC I think that’s how you pronounce it I hate that movie.

I’ll be honest with you it’s I do not enjoy that movie whatsoever there are many reasons why I assigned it obviously because I think that that movie has a lot of merits there’s a lot you can learn from that film and there’s a lot I learned from watching that film however if I’m just talking about my own personal biases I don’t like that movie at all now it’s not gonna be a good film review for me to just talk about how I don’t like that movie well why don’t you like it Aaron well I don’t like it because I think the production quality is low and the acting is not very good I don’t like the story I think it’s overly melodramatic and overly sentimental and it’s not my not my thing that isn’t making a bad movie that just means I don’t like it do you see the difference so before we write a film review what we need to do is read existing reviews obviously we want to see what other people’s opinions are you can read published reviews which I would encourage from you know legitimate sources.