Learn About Pursuing An Online Nursing Degree

Nursuing an online nursing degree is a very important step in your career and there are some facts you should know before selecting a nursing program. Nursing is the largest healthcare occupation, with more than two million jobs. It is one of ten occupations expected to have the largest numbers of new jobs in the near future. These job opportunities are expected to feature above average earnings, especially for nurses who have advanced education or training.

When enrolled in an online nursing degree program, you generally complete the non-clinical portion of your coursework via online classes. Clinicals are usually arranged at a medical facility near your home and are flexible based on your own schedule. However, there are no schools that allow you to fulfill clinical requirements online.

You can actually become Registered Nurse (RN) through an online nursing degree program. There are a few schools on the Web that allow you to earn your associate’s degree, and then qualify for your initial RN license online. Through our online resources below you can search for a program to get you on your way to becoming an RN.

Once you have your RN, there are other online nursing degree programs that you can pursue. The RN-to-BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) and RN-to-MSN (Master of Science in Nursing) degrees are the most widely offered online nursing degree options. Many RN’s are aware that completing an online nursing degree is necessary to advancing in the nursing field and finding jobs that include more responsibility and better career opportunities.

Although some institutions offer a variety of advanced degree and certificate options for students seeking online education, most schools that offer online degrees only offer one or a handful of degree programs online. You can find more information on the specific degree offerings by reading the fact sheets for the online nursing schools listed in the resource directories below.

Once you have completed your online nursing degree, you need to get your license. Depending on your state, you may have to do additional work. Most states require that you submit an application to the state Board of Registered Nurses. You will also need to take and pass the National Council Licensing Exam. If you’ve selected a good online nursing degree program, none of these requirements should cause any problems.